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Adopt, Don't Shop: What Dog Adoption Fees Actually Pay For

Adopt, Don't Shop: What Dog Adoption Fees Actually Pay For

Paying dog adoption fees helps not only your new fur baby, but the entire shelter. We'll show you how your money helps the pets you can't take home with you.

If you're looking for your next furry friend, the animal shelter is a great place to start.

The ASPCA estimates 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted each year, spread out pretty evenly at roughly 1.6 million dogs and 1.6 million cats.

It goes without saying that the benefits you reap from adoption aren't just extended to the animal you helped save -- you'll reap the lifelong rewards as well.

This is especially true for man's best friend.

When you adopt a dog from a shelter, you might be wondering what exactly the charges cover. Today, we're giving you a closer look at dog adoption fees, so you can better understand just what your money is going toward.

Ready to learn more? Let's get started!

1. Dog Adoption Fees: Basic Vet Care

It's important to keep in mind that specific dog adoption fees will vary by location, the breed and size of your dog, and the age of your dog.

That said, most reputable shelters have a set of veterinary services in place that they provide for animals before they leave the location, to get them ready for their new home.

In addition to a general wellness exam, the vet will also provide spay and neuter services. Though the exact price may vary, the shelter will also be responsible for paying for the associated pain relief medicine, which could tack on an additional cost.

2. Vaccinations

Your pooch will also need several vaccinations before leaving the shelter. These are designed to not only protect your dog, but also those around him or her. 

Common vaccinations include ones to prevent distemper, parvo, kennel cough, and rabies. In addition to routine shots, your dog may have also received monthly boosters designed to stave off certain illnesses that tend to emerge in shelter environments.

3. Preventative Treatments

You know that flea, tick, ear mite and heartworm prevention medicine you'll be giving your dog from now on? If your dog has been in the shelter more than a month or so, he or she should have already started this regime.

Your dog adoption fees will also go toward a heartworm test to make sure your dog is in top health. Deworming services are also typically covered under that charge if required.

4. Microchipping Services

Though no owner likes to think about his or her pet ever getting lost, the reality is that prevention is key to making sure your new buddy is around for life.

As such, most shelters will offer microchipping services as a part of their dog adoption fees. The injected microchip will carry a unique ID number, helping you locate your dog in the event he or she goes missing. 

5. A Comfortable Environment

In addition to all the veterinary services your shelter provides for your dog, it will also do its part to make sure your animal and all of its shelter friends are taken care of while under its watch. 

The shelter will keep your dog fed, entertained, exercised, and comfortable, all of which requires an investment of time, money, and energy. Investing back into this critical environment only makes sense.

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