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5 Golden Retriever Facts All Dog Lovers Should Know

5 Golden Retriever Facts All Dog Lovers Should Know

Golden Retrievers are some of the most lovable and loyal dogs. Click here for 5 Golden Retriever facts that all dog lovers should know about.

The furry face that greets you with that little happy dance whether you've gone away for the week or just run to the store is attached to a golden retriever, a breed that has found its way into the homes and hearts of many across America. Yet many golden enthusiasts haven't even tapped into the wealth of golden retriever facts available about their breed.

Read on to find out why golden retrievers are considered some of the top "gold medal" winning breeds today. We think you'll give it four paws up.

A Light in the Dark

To golden retriever enthusiasts, the golden's fur color may be a bright spot on a dark day. But to the blink, golden retrievers truly are a light in the dark, as this breed is often chosen to be trained as seeing eye dogs.

In part due to their patient nature, the golden retriever facts show that they are optimal guide dogs for the vision impaired and the completely blind. Also, because goldens (unlike several other breeds) are patient with children, the breed is often selected to be used with smaller vision-damaged patients.

Goldens help their owners with everything from fetching electronic implements to carrying food and papers to, of course, guiding them on walks outside and throughout the home. They have even been used to help veterans recovering from PTSD.

Groups Going for Gold

What's better than knowing your golden retriever is the best dog in the world?

Knowing others who think so too.

Join like-minded folks who share golden retriever facts in their own retriever social and charitable groups.

Some are social, some are breed-promotion-enthusiastic, but all center around one thing: golden retrievers.

Start with the top level, the Golden Retriever Club of America, where you can then search out clubs by your state and narrow down by city/town.

Groups will vary by membership levels and fees, types of meetings (such as judging, puppies only, kids-welcome, educational seminars), and everything in between. You can even get involved and work to help promote golden retriever adoptions in your area.

Golden Retriever Facts Go Back Centuries

The American Kennel Club estimates most healthy golden retrievers will live between 10-12 years, but that's just a drop in the pup bucket for this breed.

Retrievers first gained popularity, not for their sweet faces, kind natures, and devotion to family life, but because they were good hunting dogs for life in the early 1800s. 

But don't worry if you prefer your dog not to live the hunting, meat-eating life. Talk to a veterinarian to discuss how to best keep your dog interested, happy, and excited, as well as plans for a vegetarian menu that will satisfy all of his or her nutrient needs.

Celebrity Spotlight

The golden's popularity ranges so widely that even celebrities don't seem to mind sharing the spotlight with the popular breed. The Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland notes several scene-stealers who have brought the breed into their family, including:

  • Betty White
  • Mary Tyler Moore
  • Anderson Cooper
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • Sally Field
  • Jackie Chan

As well as former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford.

Talk to Your Golden

Maybe he'll bark back, but the key is, he'll listen.

It's not just wishful thinking: golden retriever facts reveal that your dog can and will understand commands. It just takes some training.

At Santa Rosa Junior College, staff notes that by age 2-3 months, your golden can understand simple statements like "Easy," "Breakfast," "Good," and "No," especially if you accompany the phrases with food or treat rewards or do some clicker training.

Send us a message about any golden "stuff" you're seeking - we may be able to source it for you.