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5 Awesome Corgi Facts You Probably Didn't Know

5 Awesome Corgi Facts You Probably Didn't Know

The corgi is a popular dog breed known for their spunk and short legs. This article will break down 5 awesome corgi facts you probably didn't know.

Did you know that the word corgi comes from the Welsh words Cor, meaning dwarf, and ci, meaning dog? Dwarf dog! That's just one of the many cool corgi facts you likely don't know.

Corgis are becoming increasingly popular, and with great reason: They're adorable, spunky, and bold, but also kind and affectionate.

When you think of a corgi, you probably think of short little legs and cute little faces.

But there's much more to these compact creatures. Read on to learn five awesome corgi facts about Queen Elizabeth II's favorite breed.

1. Corgis Were Originally Herding Dogs

It may be hard to imagine it, but corgis were first bred as herding dogs! They made good little farmhands, moving livestock around the farm.

The smallest of the herding breeds, their short legs actually make it easy for them to duck under a kicking cow!

Even without cows to herd, corgis still have this instinct. You may find them trying to herd ducks at the local pond.

2. Corgis Are Vikings in Disguise

They may not look it, but Corgis come from Viking stock. Or so the theory goes.

Corgis have been in Wales so long, no one is completely sure where they came from, but they may have been brought there by the Vikings in the 800s, or they may have come with the Celts in 1200 BCE.

Welsh folklore, on the other hand, suggests that they may have come from the fairies. Corgis are pretty magical, when you think about it.

3. Corgis Are Whip-smart

Don't let those cute little faces fool you! Beneath that short stature and irresistible mug is a highly intelligent dog.

Corgis rank as the 11th smartest dog, according to Stanley Coren, a psychology professor. They also learn commands quickly: 85% of the time, they'll obey a command on the first try. Good doggie!

4. Corgis Wear Two Coats

Corgis have what is known as a double coat, which helps keep them warm in the cold weather and cool during hotter times. They also have an incredibly soft undercoat.

A double coat means they shed in both the fall and summer, so be prepared for lots of fur from your littlest friends!

5. Corgis Are Pretty Much Royalty

You probably already know that Queen Elizabeth is a long-time corgi lover, but did you know she's had over 30 corgis in her lifetime? That's a lot of walks and tail wagging!

The Queen got her first corgi, named Dookie, in 1933 from her father, King George VI. Dookie was soon followed by another pup called Jane.

Not Enough Corgi Facts for You?

If those awesome facts just aren't enough corgi goodness for you, here's one for the road:

Corgis have a shared ancestry with Siberian Huskies! You might never guess it, but these two breeds belong to the same family. They'll thank you not to lump them together with the small toy breeds!

Still can't get enough of corgis? From shirts to socks to mugs, our corgi collection has got you covered. And if you want more cool dog facts, be sure to check out our article on five golden retriever facts.